About us

Shangri-la Vilcabamba Real Estate

The creation of Shangri-la Real Estate came about when I sat down one day and shared philosophies with others about our hometown of Vilcabamba and how I could best utilize my knowledge and skills to improve our community. With those ideals in mind, I formed the first real estate company in Vilcabamba owned and operated solely by Vilcabambans (Vilcabambenses).

Our goal?

To help Vilcabamba develop to its fullest potential while maintaining the charm and character that makes this town such a great place to live for both locals and newcomers alike. Buying property and moving to a foreign country can be a daunting proposition. I would like our faces, the faces of those whose families have lived here for generations, who know the people, the land, the community – all the ins and outs – to be the first faces you encounter when considering Vilcabamba as a place to call home, your home. I believe in the word “community” and strive to make ours the best it can be. It is important to me that newcomers feel welcomed, informed, and at home in Vilcabamba. Let ME use my knowledge and skills to assist you in making our hometown, your hometown.

About Marco León

Marco León, shangri-larealestate.com

This Vilcabamba native was educated in his hometown and after high school decided to complete his education in Israel. He finished his 6 years of University there and continued on to work in his field for a further 5 years after which he returned to his hometown of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. He speaks 3 languages fluently: Spanish, Hebrew and English